front aspect

The Studio's were built on the property in 1983 as part of a consistent design theme in conjunction with the house . Built of corrugated iron to reflect the bush and sky and set to tread and sit lightly on the land as well as to blend into the natural elements of the sclerophyll bush. The land was purchased in 1976 after returning from New York and after setting up and losing studios in Sydney. It was evident that it was no longer feasible to rent studio space as it was becoming overly expensive and my needs dictated a large space for very large works plus storage space capacity. Working in conjunction with the architect, the house was the first building constructed quickly followed by the studios.

rear aspect

The next big question to face was whether to continue working with the "Stain" Paintings which were painted in the New York and Sydney studios with an Urban view of landscape, or to start using the marks, imagery and symbolism of the land. Gradually this is what eventuated, working the acrylic of the "Stain" paintings with the oil painted marks of the imagery surrounding my house and studios, the works grew in number and soon it became clear that the imagery should also contain a figure element as "Silent" participants or actors on a stage. This whole period of work took place from 1981 through to 2001 when I started to use acrylic paint again to intensify the colour of the landscape imagery. Slowly the cubist / expressionist landscape works developed into the current colour abstraction paintings.

Sydney Ball 2007.